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retrace build famous regroup

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Q: What is an antonym for prodigy?
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What is antonyms for the word prodigy?

Antonym for the word prodigy: ordinary

What is prodigy Nick name?

Prodigy's (my baby) nickname is Prodigy

How did prodigy get his nickname Prodigy?

prodigy got his name cuz he is talented

Does prodigy have pets?

No, but pets have prodigy.

How did prodigy get his name?

prodigy got his name by showing great talent his manager by seeing prodigy decided to name him his name prodigy.

Is prodigy girlfriend name Kayla Johnson?

prodigy is singel for noww:)) prodigy<3

How do you use prodigy as a verb in a sentence?

The word prodigy is a noun, not a verb. My son is a prodigy.

What is the name of prodigy girlfriend?

Prodigy is single!

What is prodigy Yahoo page?

Does prodigy have any pets?

No, but pets have prodigy.

Who is older prodigy or ray ray?


Sentence using the word prodigy?

Prodigy is a noun. Einstein was born a genius in mathematics . He is a prodigy