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does prodigy from mindless behavior any brothers or sisters

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Q: Does prodigy on mindless have a brother?
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Where can you meet your brother prodigy from mindless behavior?

at a concert

Does Prodigy from Mindless Behavior have a brother?

Yes His brother name is Jovante crippen

When is prodigy from mindless behavior brother's birthday?

DEC 26

How old is prodigy brother from mindless behavior Jojo age?


Does prodigy have a brother in Mindless Behavior?

yes , he has a little brother name Jovante crippen but he not in mb

What is prodigy brother name in mindless behavior?

Prodigys brother name is jovante crippen

Does prodigy from mindless behavior have sibling?

Yes He Has A Younger Brother Named JoJo And He looks Just Like Prodigy!

Who is the cutest in mindless behaviour?

prince and my brother prodigy and they are very sweet all of them

Does Prodigy in Mindless Behavior have any siblings?

Yes A Lil Brother & Sister

How old is prodigy's brother from mindless behavior?

Prodigy is 15 years old. He turned 15 on March 26.

Is prodigy crosseyed off mindless behavior?

No Prodigy from mindless behavior is not crosseyed

What make prodigy of Mindless Behavior so mindless?

Prodigy's Mohawk and his Teddy Bear Chain is What Makes him MINDLESS