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'presto' means fast, or 'allegro' means lively and fast

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Q: What is a word meaning fast in music?
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What is the meaning of the word bebop?

Fans of oldies jazz music will know the meaning of the word bebop. Bebop is a style of jazz music that developed in the 1940's. It is generally fast paced music based on structure and melody.

Is vivo a word for fast in music?

Vivo is a music video website.

What is the word for singing fast in music?


What is the word meaning 'with feeling' in music?

The word is affettuoso.

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What greek word does the word music originate from?

The Greek word is Mousikos meaning pertaining to the muses. The word also derive from the Greek word Mousa meaning Muse, any art from which the muses presided, especially music

What is a word meaning slow in music?

Piano, adagio.

What is a word meaning the same as tonic?

a keynote in music

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