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It's rap.

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Q: What is a type of pop music with a strong regular beat and spoken words?
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What is it when there is no music just words?

Acapella is music sung without accompaniment. Spoken word is verse (poetry, etc.) spoken without music.

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Is there a difference between full time working in the music recording industry and being a music recording artist?

A Full time working in the music industry is a regular employee who does a regular job. In other words, this refers to an 8-5 job. Meanwhile, a music recording artist is THE talent, the star, the artist himself.

Is rap a kind of modern music?

Actually, although Rap music is often considered to be a rather modern type of music, it has been found that it has deeper roots. Rap music actually evolved from African roots, and is considered to be "spoken words" music. It appears that Rap originated in the early 1900's.

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Why is music is a good way to express your feelins?

Because when you don't say any think you aren't shouting or letting out strong hurtful words. you are letting out your feelings with soft quiet music which means I want peace and loud strong scary music means your angry. you aren't hurting anyone but just letting out your feelings!

What is word setting?

Word setting in music is where the music is written so that the words can be sung as smoothly as possible. Most simple songs are set syllabically, that is, one note per syllable. Think Mary had a Little Lamb, or pretty much any other nursery rhyme.Some songs have melismas in them, where a syllable has more than one note set to it. Think Mariah Carey!All good word setting should follow the natural spoken stresses of the words, so the strong syllables should be on strong beats (eg. beats 1 and 3 in 4/4 time).

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