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That would be a description of rock and roll, sometimes called Rock Music.

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Q: What is a strong back beat in music?
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Music which moves without a strong beat or meter?


Untamed vocals and strong back beat?


What is a good description of jazz funk music?

Jazz-funk is a sub-genre of jazz music characterized by a strong back beat (groove) electrified sounds, and often, the presence of the first electronic analog synthesizers.

What is a type of pop music with a strong regular beat and spoken words?

It's rap.

What is non metric music?

music lacking a strong sense of beat or meter, common in certain non-western cultures

Does a base drum provide rhythm for music?

The bass drum generally provides a strong beat for the music. Mostly played on a downbeat, or the other strong beats in that meter (Time Signature)

Why is a strong rhythm used in a rock piece?

The entire idea of rock music is a driving beat that gets people moving. The way that rock music developed especially in the 60's-90's was just with that beat and it stuck. Its all about that particular style of music.

What techniques are used in blues music?

The swing beat is used a lot in blues. Also, this bears a strong resemblance to Folk Music and Asian music because of the repeated use of the pentatonic scale.

What type of music goes with the can-can?

A fast 2-beat, about quarter note 150, with strong pulse to the beat. Most musical pieces written for the can-can are labeled either "can-can" or sometimes "galop".

Is the beat on a flute strong?

I would have to say that it doesn't have a strong beat but, it has more of a strong sound.

What is a breakdown in music?

when the beat and everything changes. like if there are flutes or violens in the back round and then you hear electic guitars that is called a breakdown in music.

What type of music is made by D Addicts?

D addicts are a fusion group that fuse hip hop, jazz, crunk, and even rock and roll into their music. Their music usually has a very loud and strong beat.