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He was the founfer of stoicism

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Q: What is a statements correctly describes Zeno?
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Who Is Zeno Constance?

zeno constance is a trinidadian play writter.

Would Zeno tell a young stundent to spend his or her time studying or playing?

Would zeno tell his students to spend his or her time studying or playing?

What is a follower of Zeno of Citium called?


Which of the following statements describes the historical significance of Natan Sharansky?

He resisted Soviet oppression by helping Soviet Jews relocate to Israel.

Why does zeno hate zatch bell?

SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!All of this information is from the manga. I am not sure if the anime holds the same answer. This answer also might contain spoilers.Zeno Bell hates Zatch Bell because his father (who was the King of the Momodo World during that time) gave Zatch the Bao Zakerga (or how ever you spell it) instead of Zeno, which is later revealed to be Zatch's older brother. So why did the Momodo King give Zatch such a powerful spell? The answer is because Bao is very dangerous. Bao Zakerga ate sorrowful and evil souls and thoughts. It was a super powerful spell that helped the King get his throne. Their father new that Zeno has a blood lust just like himself, and Bao could easily devour Zeno if he did not control it. So the father sent Zatch Bell after giving him the Bao right after birth, hoping for him to control his power in the far future, to the countryside where nobody would know Zatch's true identity. Not even Zeno. The father, of course, did not want Zeno to know about his younger brother because if he knew, he would chase after his brother and destroy his to obtain Bao himself. I should add that Zeno had to go through harsh training because he was known as the Momodo King's son and had high expectations while Zatch had a relaxing life in the countryside (later Zeno gives Zatch's memories back and... yes, Zatch's memories were stolen by Zeno... and finds that Zatch had a pretty harsh life in the momodo world: emotional and physical). Zeno later finds out about Zatch and Bao Zakerga being given to him. He get angry at his father because Zatch obtained Bao without an effort at all and has a relaxing life while he has to go through painful training...That is my answer. So... yup...