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Would zeno tell his students to spend his or her time studying or playing?

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Q: Would Zeno tell a young stundent to spend his or her time studying or playing?
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You can. But what a waste it would be. Unless you are a fiction writer like Dan Brown.

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I can think of two ways: -Minimize the amount of time you spend on other unnecessary work, e.g. watching TV, playing games etc. -Maximize the amount of time you spend on important things, e.g. If you would do an assignment for two hours, reduce it to one and a half hours. Then you would have extra time for maybe studying for tomorrow's lecture.

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Cambridge university

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Well, it is time consuming. Some people spend so much time playing computer games, rather than studying. Furthermore, when a student is studying his/her books, he/she may get distracted thinking about what computer game to play next.