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a monotone sound


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Q: What is a sound that stays on one note called?
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What is it called when cancer stays in one spot?

Benign cancer

Does speed increase for an observer that stays in one spot when the source of a sound is moving?

pitch appears to change

Is a 1 beat note called the same as a 2 beat note?

No. A one beat note is called a crotchet and a two beat note is called a minim.

Why isn't a sound produced when fingers are place over the guitar strings?

If your finger is just lightly held over a guitar or bass string it is called a "muted note". In order to produce a sound on a guitar or bass you must either have you finger placed firmly on one of multiple frets. When no frets are held that is called an open note, or string.

When air stays in one area for a period of times it is called?

Air mass

What is air called that stays in one area for a period of time?

Air Mass

When air stays in one area for a period of time it's called?

Air mass

What does a one hundred twenty eighth note sound like?

Note length is a relative value, so the physical length of the sound would depend on the tempo of the concrete piece of music. If we take tempo largo (about 44-52 beats per minute), one quarter note would last 60/44=1,36 seconds. So one 128th note would sound 32 times shorter, that is a little more that 4 milliseconds.

What is the form in which sound sound energy moves from one place to another?

They are called waves.

All of the measures in a song contain four beats one of the measures contains one half note a quarter note an eighth note and one other note that note most be an?

Its called an octave It must be an 8th note, assuming that the time signature is 4/4.

What are musical notes called in English?

Presuming you're in crotchet time e.g. 4 time 4 an eight beat note is called a breve a four beat note is called a semibreve a two beat note is called a minim a one beat note is called a crotchet a half beat note is called a quaver a quarter beat is called a semiquaver an eighth(1/8) beat is called a demisemiquaver

In Musical terms what is it called when one of the instruments stays at the same beat?

generally the bass instrument, I play the baritone saxophone and it stays at the same beat mostly with the bass clarinet.