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solve solve solve

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Q: What is a nickname for solvent?
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Why is water after called universal solvent?

Water is called the universal solvent because it is very effective at dissolving a wide variety of compounds. It is also the essential solvent of living organisms. Thus, water has earned the nickname "universal solvent" (although water does not, in fact, dissolve all compounds).

What is the liquid of a universal solvent?

"The Universal Solvent" is a nerdy nickname for water. It got the name because it is able to dissolve more solids than any other liquids on Earth. This is due to its hydrogen bond.

What is the solvent in cola and orange juice?

Universal Solvent is the solvent found in cola and OJ.Universal Solvent is the solvent found in cola and OJ.

In a solution the substance in which the solute dissolvent?

the solvent

What were solvent in 30 days ago?

it waz ur face just joking i waz solvent solvent can never changes solvent is solvent

What can a solvent be?

A solvent is a liquid for example water is a solvent hope this helps. :)

What is the solvent and solute in detergents?

the solvent is the water, the solute is the detergent.

What are the Differences between polar solvent and non polar solvent?

A polar solvent is more stable than a non polar solvent. An example of a polar solvent is water. A non polar solvent has more charged molecules. A non polar solvent cannot dissolve in a polar solvent.

How does polar and nonpolar solutes dissolve on solvents?

A polar solute will dissolve in a polar solvent but not a nonpolar solvent. A nonpolar solvent will dissolve in a nonpolar solvent but not a polar solvent.

What effect does adding a solute to a solvent have on the boiling point of the solvent?

Adding a solute to a solvent will increase the boiling point of that solvent.

What does a solvent do?

A solvent dissolve a solute (as an example water is a solvent for table salt).

What dissolves the solvent or solute?

The solvent dissolves the solute. (The solute dissolves in the solvent.)

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