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no, Duke used as a Title of a nickname. ... Duke has Western associations because it was the nickname of actor John Wayne

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Q: What is the nickname for duke?
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Who is nickname was duke?


What was Mussolinis nickname?

I'm not sure it was a nickname but he called himself "Il Duce". Means leader or Duke.

What was the nickname for the original Xbox controller?


Was John Wayne's nickname order?

His nickname was Duke, after an Airedale dog he owned as a kid.

What year was The Duke with John Wayne made?

Wayne never made a film titled The Duke. Duke was Wayne's nickname from his childhood.

What pro football team is nickname duke's men?

The New York Gians were known as "Dukes Men", a nickname derived from the owner/president of the NYG Welling "Duke" Mara.

What was William of Normandy's nickname?

his nick name was will duke normman

What was Mussolini nickname and what did it mean?

He was called "Il Duce". It means The Duke.

What nicknames did Duke Ellington go by?

Duke Ellington's real name was Edward Kennedy Ellington, so Duke was his nickname, given to him at around age 15 because he had gentlemen like qualities.

What was the nickname the troops at Waterloo had for the Duke of Wellington?

He was called Our Atty which was short for Arthur.

How did Duke of Wellington get his nickname 'iron duke'?

As Prime Minister (1848-1851) Wellington released the Reform Act which was incredibly unpopular and as a result his home, Apsley House, was frequently stoned. To protect his windows he had iron bars put over them and this is the main reason for his nickname: 'The Iron Duke'

Who was Old Nosey?

'Old Nosey' was a nickname given to the Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley