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It's called a movie clapper.

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A marquee.

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Q: What is a movie theater sign called?
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What is a movie theater called when you only pay 3 dollars?

A second run theater.

What is the food stand at the movie theater called?

It is called a concession stand.

What are people in a movie theater called?

Patrons, or Audience.

How can he make a move on me?

Lets say you're watching a movie in the movie theater. So then your looking at the movie screen; while he looks around the movie theater room. then he lifts his arm and puts it around you. This is definitely a sign that he's into YOU!

What is another name for cinema you just can't think of what it's called?

Movie Theater? or just theater?

Another name for a theater sign?

Another name for a theater sign is "marquee."

What is a movie place?

A place to watch movies also called a theater.

What is the name of the movie theater in bedford falls?

In the film It's a Wonderful Life, set in the fictional town of Bedford Falls, the local theater is called the Bijou Theater.

How do you get a job in the movie theater?

go to a movie theater and apply for it

What is the nucleus of a movie theater?

the nucleus of a movie theater would have to be the person that runs the theater like the owner.

How do you make movie theater butter?

You don't. Movie theater butter is just drenched with butter. There is no actual recipe for movie theater butter.

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