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It is called a concession stand.

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Q: What is the food stand at the movie theater called?
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What is it called when a movie stops in the middle to give you a short break to get food go to the restroom etc at the theater?

It is called intermission.

How much is the food at majestic movie theater?

5 $ for a kid and 8$ for a adult

Is studio movie grill a restraunt?

Yes, it is a dine-in movie theater. You can watch a movie and eat amazing food at the same time.

What does concessions mean in prices?

Concessions are the food you buy in a movie theater, arena, stadium etc.

What is the worst thing about movie theater food?

close to expiration date or passed expiration date

Name the worst thing about movie theater food?

expensive close to expiration fattening smell

What is movie theater food?

popcorn, Junior Mints, Goobers, Jugi Fruits, Good & Plenty, Raisinets.

Can you bring food into an amc theater?

Most theaters do not allow outside food or drink.. The ticket price only pays for the rental on the film. The concession stand is where they make their money.

What stores were in the Clover Square Mall in Cinnaminson NJ from about 1980 to 1995?

acme, clover, movie theater, bit and tall for men No movie theater. Brothers Pizza was in the back of the mall with a food court that has a pototo place. Also a sporting goods store

What is the best thing about movie theater food?

The best thing about movie theater food would have to be the taste. Soda, popcorn covered in butter, and candy just isn't good for your body. The amount of sugar and fat in movie theater food is not a healthy choice. To still have a good experience at the movies you could bring your own bag of healthy popped popcorn along with flavored water, or something besides pop. Pop is like drinking a cup of sugar! And to make things a little tastier, you could add some chocolate chips in the popcorn to satisfy that sweet tooth.

What movie called where food is coming from the sky?

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Why do people smell the hot popcorn in a movie theater but not ice cream?

because ice cream ends up hurrily but pop corn is a long time food