What is a lady mercenary?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Besides being a fictional masturbatory aid for guys who 'game' too much, A female mercenary is a gold-digger with a 5 year plan. The M.O's vary, but basically they target a man based on income potential and proceed to take him for a ride. They don't pay for anything or reciprocate physically. You give a massage, but you don't get one. Mercenaries plan on leaving you from day one and they usually have you replaced with an upgrade prior to kicking you to the curb. They are smart and extremely charming (especially with men). Basically, if you are with a woman that is way out of your league and you do an inventory of your life and possessions and none of it belongs to you, or is you... you might be with a mercenary.

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Q: What is a lady mercenary?
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