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one step at a time by jordin sparks or its so hard to say good bye by boyz 2 men

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one step at time by jordan sparks is a good one

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Dynamite by taio cruz

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Q: What is a good hype song to sing at a 8Th grade talent show?
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What are good songs for a 2nd grader to sing at talent show for Rock and Roll theme?

Good songs for a second grade Rock And Roll themed talent show

What is a good song to do for a fourth grade talent show?

I think a good song to sing is dynamite.

Why do people sing in a talent show?

you should be a part of a talent show to show your skills , judges will judge you , and you'll learn from them & your mistakes.

What should a fifth grade girl sing for a talent show?

Anything that gets a crowd going.Taylor Swift,good song that no one knows.

Would Toxic by Britney Spears be a good song to dance to in a 6th grade talent show?

That depends. Have you seen the music video on YOUTUBE ? Then decide.

Good talent show ideas?

i farted

Is the cupid shuffle good for a talent show?


What are good ideas to do for a taent show?

Talent shows are great platforms to show what you are good at. You could sing, play an instrument, tell jokes, perform magic, or dance for a talent show.

What is a good song for a talent show?

chikni chameli

What is a good play for a talent show?

Sweeney Todd

Is When the the world come down a good talent show song?

i guess ,i wanted to sing in my talent show I'll be there by Jackson 5 i didn't because i was to shy lucky for be the talent show was closed down

What are some good categories for talent show awards?

Some good categories for talent show awards can include joke telling, poetry reading, singing and dancing. You can have a category for anything that would showcase one's talent in something that they are good at doing.