Good talent show songs

Updated: 8/29/2023
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I dreamed a dream, Susan Boyle!!

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a song that you know by heart

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Q: Good talent show songs
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What are good songs for a 2nd grader to sing at talent show for Rock and Roll theme?

Good songs for a second grade Rock And Roll themed talent show

What clean songs by Eminem can you sing for your variety or talent show?

the real slim shady and crack a bottle are good songs to sing when you are auditioning for a talent show... :)

What are good talent show songs to sing?

Mack the Knife------It's not Unusual-----Heartlights

What are some good ideas for a Christian talent show?

dancing, singing appropriate songs, and christmas!!!!!!

What is a good talent show song to do for elemetary students I think that disturbia and womanizer are some really good songs.?

Do Circus by britney spears! I L.O.V.E that song and I'm doin it for my talent show!but first you should consider there ages...

Why do people sing in a talent show?

you should be a part of a talent show to show your skills , judges will judge you , and you'll learn from them & your mistakes.

What are good songs to dance to for a Middle School Talent Show?

Anything by lady gaga... If you want a slow dance Adele is a nice fit.

What r and b songs should you sing for a talent show?

sorry blame it on me

What is the best song to sing for a girl in a school talent show?

the bollywood songs

Is the song this is me by demi levato a good song to sing at a talent show?

Only if it fits your vocal range, and you feel comfratable doing so. But, yes, it is a perfectly fine song to sing for a talent show. I personally think a demi lavoto song would be WAY to predictable something like- Decode or I Dont Love You or Again Again are good talent show songs

Duet songs to sing at a talent show?

Broken Strings-James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado Bless the Broken Road-Rascal Flatts Both good male/female duet songs.

What are good hip hop songs to dance in an elementary school talent show?

Anything by Kesha. (Tik Tok, We R Who We R, Take It Off) etc.