What is a good boys love manga?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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personally my tops are junjou romantica, sekaiichi hatsukoi, sex pistol, gravitation, loveless and author's pet...... if you want more yaoi manga go check out they go many recommendations

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Q: What is a good boys love manga?
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What is the manga where a girl is in love with a boy and then an alien comes and takes over the boys' body?

Tokyo Mew Mew I think.

What are the best manga you have read?

The best manga I have read is "Girl got game" By Shizuru Seino. It's a shojo manga, so if you are looking for something aimed at boys, this probably isn't a good choice.

Is love hina a good manga?

Opinions on "Love Hina" vary among readers. It is a popular manga series known for its romantic comedy elements and harem genre. If you enjoy those themes and like the art style, you may find "Love Hina" to be a good manga.

What are some good books that aren't manga that are like fruits basket manga?

if you like this try Vampier knight you will fall in love :D

The name of a manga were a girl who loves scary things moves in with a group of boys and one of them begins to fall in love with her?

maybe yamato nadeshiko

Can boys draw anime or manga?


Who sang Boys boy boys I'm looking for a good time boys boys boys get ready for my love?

boys boys boys is on the album compromise by TWiiNsSabrina

Where to read code geass nightmare of nunally?

I love the code geass anime, but I haven't read the manga. Is it any good? You can use

What is the name of a good lesbian manga?

Shoujo Sect and I Fell In Love For The First Timeare good yuri mangas, but they have mature content.

Who knows Black Bird Manga?

I love that manga its so cute. ^^

What is good about silver?

girls love that's why boys buy it

Is manga for boys or girls?

Shoujo or shojo manga is for girls, Shounen manga is for boys, and hentai manga are for adults. It is ok for a girl to like shounen and for a boy to like shoujo, It is about what you like. Just make sure you stay away from henti intill your old enough to watch it and can handle it.