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Q: What is a good Halloween play for kids?
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What do kids in Ireland do for Halloween?

They dress up and go around to collect things from houses. They have Halloween parties. They play Halloween games. They have bonfires and fireworks.

What is a good Halloween play for school?


Is Ronald MacDonald a good Halloween costume?

if you want to scare the kids

easy costumes to make at home?

It'm amazing how simple a good costume can be to make! Look at for some good ideas. Happy Halloween

Why is Halloween good for kids?

cause u scare them and its funny and they get free lollies

What are real good movies for kids?

good movies for kids are hop , yogi bear , Halloween series , scream 4, 3,2,1, and scream

Where can someone find great ideas on good pranks for kids at Halloween?

One can find many Halloween pranks for kids online. There are over thousands of videos on YouTube that show and describe some pranks that people can perform on Halloween.

What are some good Halloween crafts?

A great Halloween craft may be carving pumpkins for kids. Another Halloween craft for children would be creating their own costume.

Can kids wear fursuits at Halloween?

Kids can wear just about anything on Halloween.... fursuits? Why not?

What are some good party favors for a Halloween party for kids?

Good party favors for a Halloween party for kids can include a number of things, like candy and other treats, Halloween themed objects like pencils and erasers, as well as novelty items, like rings, fake spiders, etc.

What are some scary monster games my kids can play at their Halloween party?

Traditional games for Halloween are still as scary as ever and young kids will get a big kick out of them. Passing around bowls of peeled grapes and spaghetti is beloved by children around the world during halloween time.

What are some good kids Halloween decoration ideas?

I'd recommend making your own decorations. This can be as simple as buying little pumpkins for all of the kids and letting them paint faces on them. Halloween does not have to be an expensive venture.