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She is the widow of a Duke.

You address her as Her Grace, in conversation. Eg "Good morning, Your Grace."

On introduction, "May I present Her Grace, Dowager Duchess of X" or "May I present Anna, Duchess of X".

Obviously, Anna would represent the first name of the Duchess.

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Q: What is a dowager duchess and how do you address her?
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The dowager duchess attended the royal ball with her grandchildren.

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dowager |ˈdouəjər| noun a widow with a title or property derived from her late husband : [as adj. ] the dowager duchess | | [ postpositive ] the queen dowager. • informal a dignified elderly woman. ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from Old French douagiere, from douage ‘dower,’ from douer ‘endow,’ from Latin dotare ‘endow’ (see dower ).

Have you heard of the word dowger?

No, never heard of it. Dowager is a perfectly good word. The wife of a Duke is a Duchess. When the Duke dies, his son becomes the new Duke, and daughter-in-law is the new Duchess. The old Duke's widow becomes the Dowager Duchess. If she moves to a different house on the Ducal estate, that house is called the Dower House.

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