What is a Squib in 'Harry Potter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A Squib is a person who is born to at least one parent who possesses magical abilities but do not have magical abilities of their own.

There are two mainly known examples of Squibs in the Harry Potter series, these are Argus Filch (the caretaker who works at Hogwarts) and Arabella Figg (a member of the Order of the Phoenix) who lives in Privet Drive near Harry and was asked by Dumbledore to keep an eye on Harry while he was young and was not at Hogwarts.

It is said that although Squibs do not possess any magical abilities such as the ability to use a wand, they are accepted usually into the magical world. Squibs are unable to see Dementors. Mrs Figg, when asked about the presence of Dementors in Little Whinging, lied in order to get Harry off the charges. Squibs normally marry into muggle families and all Muggle-Borns are descended from Squibs

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Thanks so much for this I was reading one of the books and I was like what is that?
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A person born in a wizarding family but isn't a wizard /witch themselves. Some call squibs wizard-born muggles but I disagree.

Filch is an example of a Squib

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In the Harry Potter books, a Squib is somebody who is born in a family of wizards but is not a wizard him(her)self.

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Q: What is a Squib in 'Harry Potter?
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Who is Mrs Figg?

She is the squib neighbor of Harry Potter and we see her in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix looking out for Harry after Voldermorts return.

What is a squib on Harry Potter?

A squib is somebody who has at least one parent with magical abilities, but doesn’t have magical abilities of their own.

What is harry potter's squib neighbors full name?

Arabella Doreen Figg

Who is Mr Tibbles in Harry Potter?

Mr Tibbles is a cat that belongs to Arabella Figg.

Is Aunt Petunia a squib in Harry Potter?

No, Petunia Dursley is a muggle. Harry's mother Lily, Petunia's sister, was born from 2 muggle parents. A squib is someone who has a wizard family but actually has no powers. Harry's mother is a "mudblood".

Why in Harry Potter doesn't groundskeeper Flich have any magic powers?

He's a Squib, so... kind of. But not really.

Was James Potter a squib?


Can a squib learn magic?

A Squib is a person who is from a magical family, but has no magic. They're "just the opposite of muggle-born." No. Not unless the Wizards in Harry Potter come up with something that lets them.

Who played Mrs Figg in the Harry Potter movies?

She's portrayed by Kathryn Hunter in the films.

What rhymes with glib?

Bib squib (in Harry Potter, a person who can't do much magic!) crib rib fib i hope these are sufficient enough!

What is a sqrib in Harry Potter?

In Harry Potter a Squib is a person with magical parents but they themselves cannot perform magic. they are the opposite to muggle-borns who are born into non-magical families and they can do magic Squibs are in non magical families but cannot perform magic

Is Mr Filch from Harry Potter a muggle?

No. He's a squib. A squib is born from two magical parents, can see and access magical places and objects but can not perform spells as in can not do magic. A muggle would be completely and utterly non-magical person who has no magical blood relations nor magigal abilities whatsoever. So there's a fine line between a muggle and a squib, and Mr. Filch is a squib.