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She had a lazy eye and later on she got it fixed but before surgery she just kept the swoop over it and if she didnt have the swoop then she would wear sunglasses

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Q: Why Aaliyah cover her left eye?
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Did Aaliyah and lefteye ever meet each other?

yes they did if u go to you type in Aaliyah and left-eye u should see a picture of lefteye (the left) and Aaliyah (the right) smiling at the camrera

What happened to Aaliyah's eye why would she always cover it?

Nothing was wrong with Aaliyah's eye. She wore her hair like that, for the style of it. The inspiration for the "swoop" over the eye came from the 40's actress Veronica Lake. It added more mystery to Aaliyah, than what she was already giving off.

R and b artists who have died in the past 7 years?

Aaliyah Lisa "left eye" Lopez

Why did Aaliyah were a patch over her eye?

Aaliyah never had a glass eye. People only speculated on that because of the mysteriousness she carried with her image. They always seen her wear either shades, or in the video One In A Million the patch over her left eye, and then the swoop she used over one eye. But that didn't mean she had a glass eye, not even a weak eye. She only covered one of her eyes to add uniqueness to her own image not because something was wrong with her eye.Watch MTV Stripped: Aaliyah on Youtube and she will even tell you her self that it was just a rumor a bunch of people started tripping off of. But it is fake.

Was Aaliyah left or right handed?

She was Right-Handed

What is Aaliyah's real eye color?

Dark Brown she wore contact lenses. r.i.p

What did Aaliyah have tattooed on her wrist on the cover of teen magazine oct 2001?

Her initial, an A and a star

does medicade cover my eye glasses?

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Does Aaliyah where contacts?

Yes Aaliyah would often wear different colour contact lenses (green, grey and hazel) to change the colour of her eyes. Aaliyahs natural eye colour is dark brown.

Does covered California cover dental and eye glases?

Yes, cover California does cover the dental and eye glasses.

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