What is a Rock Band ensemble?

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its when people put together a large group of musicians and make a musical ensemble.

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Q: What is a Rock Band ensemble?
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What are a group of instrumentalists?

An ensemble is a group of musicians, vocalists, or a combination of both. A rock band is known as a rock ensemble. A jazz band is a jazz ensemble so on and so forth. ... They can be referred to as an orchestra, band, symphony, trio, quartet, quintet, ensemble, etc.

What band and ensemble is a clarinet in?

concert band

What is a rock ensemble?

igneous rock

What instruments does the band New York Rock and Roll Ensemble?

oboe, guitar, drums, bass, string bass, violin,

What term is define as a group of two or more persons that perform music?

An ensemble or band.

Does a symphonic band have strings?

A symphonic band or wind ensemble does not have stringed instruments.

What is a group of many musicians called?

a band, an ensemble, or an orchestra

What is a group of muscicions called?

A band, a group or musical ensemble

What is the difference between a wind ensemble and a symphonic band?

A Symphonic band includes String, Percussion, Brass, and Woodwind players. A wind ensemble wouldn't have any String instrument players.

What are the names of all the Rock Band games?

The names of all of the Rock Band games are: Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Rock Band 3, Rock Band 4, The Beatles: Rock Band, Green Day: Rock Band, Lego Rock Band, Rock Band Blitz, Rock Band Unplugged, Rock Band Mobile, Rock Band (iOS), and Rock Band Reloaded. The expansions include: Vol. 1, AC/DC Live, Vol. 2, Classic Rock, Country, Metal, and Country 2.

What ensemble does the oboe play in?

Oboe's are usually found in: Woodwind Quintet Wind Ensemble Orchestra And sometimes the pit of a marching band

What actors and actresses appeared in A Spanish Ensemble - 1928?

The cast of A Spanish Ensemble - 1928 includes: Xavier Cugat as Band Leader

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