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Depends on how many people are in that band for example there are 4 member that means there are 4 people.

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Q: How many people are in the ensemble?
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What is another name for a vocal ensemble?

Another name for a vocal ensemble is a CHORUS

What is an opera ensemble?

A number designed for two or more people. It enabled characters to depict their emotions independently while also moving the plot forward.

What is a Rock Band ensemble?

An ensemble is a small group of musicians performing together (usually up to 12 instrumentalists is an ensemble, more then 12 becomes a chamber orchestra). The word 'ensemble' can also be applied to a section of an opera where 2, 3, 4 or more singers are singing together.

What do you call a group of singers or musicians made up of three people?

They can be called an ensemble, a choir, or a group.

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How many instrument players are needed to form each type of ensemble?

It varies by ensemble, but there are too many types to list here.

What is ensemble in dance?

An ensemble in dance is just like it means in music. It's a group of people dancing with one another.

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What is a solo and ensemble?

A solo is one person playing/singing ect. An ensemble is a group of many persons playing/singing together.

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What is an ensemble script?

An ensemble script could be a number of things. In theater, it is the script for a performance with two to six people. I am aware that the term is also used in engineering.

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What is a group of many musicians called?

a band, an ensemble, or an orchestra

String Poets Ensemble?

String Poets Ensemble

How many instrument players were needed to form each ensemble?