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a wild hog

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Q: What is a Lord of the Flies creature?
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What is the name of the Lord of the Flies creature?

The creature in "Lord of the Flies" is called the "Beast" and symbolizes the inherent evil and darkness within the boys on the island. It represents their fear and descent into savagery as they struggle to maintain civilization.

How is Simon from lord of the flies?

How is Simon from lord of the flies?

When was Lord of the Flies created?

Lord of the Flies was created on 1954-09-17.

Who is the creature of basketball?

its golem from lord of the rings :)

What creature was Treebeard in 'The Lord of the Rings'?


What does Lord of the Flies symbolize?

There are many different symbolic images inThe Lord of the Flies, but the Lord of the Flies is a symbol himself. Towards the end of the novel when the Lord of the Flies speaks to Simon, is when his true symbolism comes out; the Lord becomes an indication of any type of beast and also a symbol of the power of evil. You could even take this answer as far as saying the Lord of the Flies symbolizes the devil whereas throughout the story, Simon portrays Jesus Christ (Biblical parallelism).Beelzebub, or a satanic/demonic representaion

Who sees the beast from air first in lord of the fliet and what is their reaction?

The beast is first seen from the air by Sam and Eric (referred to collectively as Samneric) during their duties tending to the signal fire. Initially, they mistake a dead parachutist caught in the trees for the beast, leading to their frantic reaction and report to the rest of the boys on the island.

What is the genre of the book Lord of the Flies?

Lord of the Flies is classified as fiction.

What does the lord pf the flies signify in the Lord of the Flies?

Learn english.

In lord of the flies who or what is the lord of the flies?

The lord of the flies is the head of the pig that Jack and his 'tribe' killed, they left it on a stake as an offering to the beast (ie)

What would happen in chapter 13 of Lord of the Flies?

In Chapter 13 of "Lord of the Flies," Simon is mistaken for the beast and is brutally killed by the other boys during a frenzied tribal dance. The boys, consumed by fear and chaos, descend further into savagery and darkness. This pivotal event marks a turning point in the novel as the boys' civilization completely collapses and they spiral into a state of anarchy and violence.

Who was the Lord of the Flies in lord of flies?

It is the pig's head cut off by jack, transformed from a loving pig to a creepy horror. The flies were buzzing around the head, making the pigs head the Lord of the Flies. In other interpretations, Jack is considered to be the Lord of the Flies. The beast is also thought to be the Lord of the Flies.