What is a Hokage?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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The hokage is the official military leader of the hidden leaf village, with the "ho" being a leaf village only prefix, like how kazi in kazikage is a sand village only prefix. Prefixes are specific letters that are attached to the beginnings of words like how suffixes are specific letters that are attached to the endings of words to signify various things, depending on the area that is being discussed or the context in which it is mentioned. Kage is the core word that simply means shadow, as true ninjas are deadly shadows in the purest sense. Kages are ninja leaders that rule the hidden villages that are in charge of protecting their villages and maintaining military (as well as economical )balance through missions/assasinations/alliances/peace treaties and the like. 1. Shodaime- was the first Hokage and his last name was Senjo. He died after the fight against Madara. 2. Nindaime- He was one of the clan of Senjo. He was Deceased though. 3. Sandaime- was one of the clan of Sarutobi which is also Asuma's clan. He died after fighting Orochimaru, one of his past students. 4. Yondaime- also known as Minato Uzumaki. He was the best Hokage ever. He protected Konoha from the Kyuubi by sealing it into his son's body. But the sealing technique was a forbidden jutsu (Because it takes a sacrifice to perform this jutsu), causing Yondaime's death. You'll never hear him speak bacause he was only made in the Manga and they can't allow to make a fake voice! The leaf village has had 5 kages so far, and their kages are referred to as hokages, as said above. The 1st hokage (the founder of the leaf village with his wood/water mokuton abilities, who knew Madara, the founder of the Uchiha) is the grandpappy of the 5th, Tsunade, and the 2nd is the granduncle of the 5th as well, Lady Tsunade, the current hokage. The 3rd hokage is sensei/teacher of the legendary Sannin, Jaraiya, toad sage, Lord Orochimaru of the Sound Village (which he created) and Lady Tsunade, the Legendary Sucker, who has a bad habit of losing all of her money at gambling. The 3rd was taught by both of first two hokages, and he planned on making his favorite pupil Orochimaru the 4th hokage, but he was too evil and power hungry so he made a student of Jaraiya, his more hyper pupil, Minato Namikaze the 4th hokage. Minato was the best ninja in all of the leaf village's history, with his nickname being the Yellow Flash of konoha, with his crazy speed jutsu and his ability to kill instantly before anyone knew he was already there. He died by using a forbidden jutsu that sacrificed his own life protecting the village from the fox demon, sealing half of its spirit in his own son Naruto Uzumaki, trying to make his son a hero, as he lived on protecting the village, with him the container for the demon.

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Q: What is a Hokage?
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Who will be the Hokage Naruto?

The hokages are as following: * Shodai Hokage: Hashirama Senju * Nidaime Hokage: Tobirame Senju * Sandaime Hokage: Hiruzen Sarutobi * Yondaime Hokage: Minato Namikaze * Godaime Hokage: Tsunade (Senju?) * Rokudaime Hokage: Danzo There is no information about future Hokages.

Who was the strongest Hokage?

Hashirama Senju is often considered the strongest Hokage due to his Wood Style jutsu, immense chakra reserves, and leadership skills. He co-founded the village of Konoha and his abilities were instrumental in establishing its power.

What is after godaime Hokage?

Rokudaime Hokage

Can you get any Hokage besides the 5th Hokage?


Why did the fifth Hokage come after the 3rd?

because the fourth hokage died before the third hokage

Why is the third Hokage called that if he was after the fourth Hokage?

The Third Hokage was still living during the reign of the Fourth Hokage, and when the Fourth Hokage died by protecting the village the village council decided that they should give the Third his title back instead of a new Hokage.

Who is the kage of village of fire?

There has been 5 Hokage's so far. Here is a list of them in order: 1st Hokage - Hashirama Senju 2nd Hokage - Tobirama Senju 3rd Hokage - Hizuren Sarutobi 4th Hokage - Minato Namikaze 5th Hokage - Tsunade

Does Naruto get to be Hokage?

Right now, in the manga, he is not the Hokage.

Who was Hokage when itachi killed his clan?

the 3rd hokage

Is Sasuke the Hokage?

heh no sasuke is not the Hokage, and he never will

Who is forth Hokage?

The fourth Hokage is Minato Namikaze

Does shino become Hokage?

No, Shino does not become Hokage. For a list of all Hokage check the related link below