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The Carrock is a great rock, almost a hill of stone, cropping out of the ground right in the middle of a stream, with the stream looping itself around it. The Rock has a flat space on top of it, and a well worn path with many steps leading down to the river.

The Rock is located not far from the house of Beorn, a strange mountain man who can change into a bear. Gandalf the Grey tells the company that Beorn was the one who carved the steps in the rock, and that Beorn was the one who named it the Carrock. When asked by Bilbo why it is called the Carrock, Gandalf replies,"He called it the Carrock because carrock is his word for it. He calls things like that carrocks, and this one is the Carrock because it is the only one near his home and he knows it well."

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The carrock is a sort of rock outcropping near the river. It is called that by Beorn. It is where the eagles dropped off the adventurers after their night in the eagle aerie.

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Q: What is a Carrock in The Hobbit?
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What is the population of Castle Carrock?

The population of Castle Carrock is 303.

Where do the eagles take Gandalf Bilbo and the dwarves?

As the eagles rescued Gandalf, Bilbo, and the dwarves, the birds took them first to their aeries in the Misty Mountains to rest for the night. The next morning, the eagles flew the wizard, hobbit, and dwarves to the Carrock, a tall rock outcropping in the eastern foothills of the mountains by a river. The Carrock was named by the skin-changer Beorn, who often used it as a lookout post.

After rescuing them from the Wargs and Goblins where did the eagles leave the troupe in The Hobbit?

The Great Eagles carry the company away from the forested slopes of the Misty Mountains to a huge rock jutting out of the Anduin River. It was called The Carrock, and had a stone seat carved on top and steps leading down to a series of stepping stones where one could cross the river.

What large formation do the eagles take the party to in chapter seven of The Hobbit?

The eagles took Gandalf, Bilbo and the dwarves to the Carrock, "a great rock, almost a hill of stone, like a last outpost of the distant mountains, or a huge piece cast miles into the plain by some giant among giants" (The Hobbit, Chapter VII).

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