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Ron Killings

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Q: What is WWE r-truths real name?
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What is rtruths real name?

R-Truth's real name is Ronald "Ron" Killings.

What is the real name of natalia in wwe?

that is her real name

What is the WWE superstar under tacker real name?

The WWE superstar 'The Undertaker's' real name is Mark William Calaway

What is wwe kaitlyn's real name?

Her real name is Celeste Bonin.

What is WWE Evan Bourne real name?

WWE star Evan 'Air' Bourne's real name is Matthew Joseph Korklan.

What is epicos real name WWE?

Epico's real name is Orlando Colón.

What is Ashley the WWE wrsatles real name?

Her real name is Ashely Mazziro

Mvps real name in the WWE?

His real name is Alvin Burke Jr.

Wwe what is hornswaggle real name?

Hornswaggle real name is Dylan Postl.

What is WWE's Victoria real name?

Her real name is Lisa Marie Varon.

What is WWE divamickyjames real name?

Her real name is Mickie Laree james.

What is Stone Cold in WWE real name?

Steve Williams is his real name