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Melina Perez

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Q: What is the real name of Melina wwe?
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What is melina full name?

WWE Diva Melina's full name is Melina Nava Perez

What the name of Melina and Maria's WWE's team?

Melina & Maria

What is Melina's real name?

Melina's real name is Melina Nava Perez.

What is WWE superstar Melina's full name?

Melina Nava Perez

What is Melina real name?

her name is Melina Perez.

Are Michelle mcool and Melina sisters WWE?

No. Michelle McCool And Melina Perez Are not Sisters On a Storyline Or For Real.

Is Melina a WWE Superstar?

No, Melina is a WWE Diva.

Which Facebook account of Melina nava Perez is real? That is wwe diva melina's real facebook account! I hoped that helped?!

Is Melina from wrestling real name Melina?


How long Melina has been in the WWE?

Melina joined the WWE in 2002

Are melina's breasts real?

They are fake. The WWE makes most of their divas get breast implants but the WWE pays for the surgery.

Who is Melina Perez dating?

WWE Diva Melina Perez is dating John Morrison aka John Hennigan in real life.