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Height 5ft11 Weight 190lbs

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Q: What is WWE john Morrison real height and weight?
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What is John Morrison's real name?

John Morrison's real name is John Randall Hennigan.

What is john Morrison real address?

John Morrison lives in Los Angeles, California

Was john Morrison on real world?

No. The Miz was on The Real World 10. John Morrison was on and won Tough Enough 3.

What is James Morrison to Jim Morrison?

They are the same person, his real name was James Douglas Morrison, However, he went by Jim.

Wwe superstar johny nitros real name?

The WWE superstar Johnny Nitro (now John Morrison's) real name is John Hennigan

What is WWE the john Morrison real name?

John Randall Hennigan

What is John Morrison's real MySpace?

do not give out celeberty info

Is John Morrison the member on the MTV Real World?

The Miz was on MTV's Real World

Is johnny Nitro and John Morrison the same?

yes his real name is john hennigen

Is John Morrison single?

Yes, john Morrison is single! However, it has been official that John Morrison has been dating Melina Perez, and they admit it every day to each other on their twitter's. Yes there real twitter. Or if you like to check out Youtube where John Morrison talks about Melina Perez and his love for her.

What was the real last name of both Janet Leigh and John Wayne?


Is John Morrison a real person?

John Randall Hennigan uses the name John Morrison as a stage/wrestling name in his job as a professional entertainer/wrestler with the World Wrestling Entertainment company.