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his favorite subject is p.e.

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Q: What is Taylor lautner favorite subject in school?
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What is Taylor lautner's favorite school subject?

Well he likes math

Taylor Lautner school?

Taylor Lautner takes online classes.

Who is dating Taylor Lautner because he said he's dating his crush from high school?

Taylor Lautner is dating Taylor Swift

Does Taylor Lautner go to school?

yes Taylor lautner goes to highschool he said that he did in an access Hollywood interview

Does Taylor Lautner like school?


Where did Taylor Lautner got to school?

at longfellow

What school did Taylor Lautner go to?

Valencia High School.

Is Taylor Lautner in school?

no. he graduated high school early

Does Taylor go to school?

Yes Taylor Lautner does go to school i am not sure what school but I'll find out for ya'll :)

Can Taylor Lautner come to your school?

nah gee

What schools are Taylor Lautner from?

Jamestown Elementary School

What year did Taylor Lautner start school?