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"No Excuses. Play like a champion" is Rule #76.

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Q: What is Rule 76 in Wedding Crashers?
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What is the duration of Wedding Crashers?

The duration of Wedding Crashers is 1.98 hours.

When was The Real Wedding Crashers created?

The Real Wedding Crashers was created in 2007.

What was the Production Budget for The Wedding Crashers?

The Production Budget for The Wedding Crashers was $40,000,000.

Who was the director of Wedding Crashers?

The movie Wedding Crashers was directed by David Dobkin.

When was Wedding Crashers created?

Wedding Crashers was created on 2005-07-15.

When was The Wedding Crashers released?

The Wedding Crashers was released on 07/15/2005.

What is the duration of The Real Wedding Crashers?

The duration of The Real Wedding Crashers is 3600.0 seconds.

When did The Real Wedding Crashers end?

The Real Wedding Crashers ended on 2007-05-28.

Which one of these is not a Jim carrey film wedding crashers or the majestic or the cable guy?

Wedding Crashers

How much money did The Wedding Crashers gross domestically?

The Wedding Crashers grossed $209,218,368 in the domestic market.

What are the release dates for The Real Wedding Crashers - 2007?

The Real Wedding Crashers - 2007 was released on: USA: 23 April 2007

How to prevent wedding crashers successfully?

There are several things you can try to prevent wedding crashers. One of which is to hire a doorman who has a list of those who RSVP'd.