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Q: What is Quincy Jones favorite color?
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What are Quincy Jones favorite hobbies?

music,karate, goverment

What has the author A Quincy Jones written?

A. Quincy Jones has written: 'A. Quincy Jones'

When was A. Quincy Jones born?

A. Quincy Jones was born in 1913.

Is Quincy Jones alive?

Yes. Quincy Jones is alive.

What is Danny Jones favorite color?

His favourite colour is blue =]

What is the birth name of Quincy Jones III?

Quincy Jones III's birth name is Jones III, Quincy Delight.

What was Marion Jones' favorite color?


What is John Quincy Adams's favorite color?

His biography doesn't tell us that.

What is Catherine Zeta-Jones's favorite color?

her fave color is pink

Is Quincy Jones still alive?

Yes. Quincy Jones is alive.

What actors and actresses appeared in Quincy Jones on Jazz - 1994?

The cast of Quincy Jones on Jazz - 1994 includes: Quincy Jones as himself

Did Andrae Crouch write the song sister from color purple?

No that was written my Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton