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Baba's many dogs: BHOOTY was a Tibetan Mastiff puppy when Baba encountered her during his travels to locate the masts (God-intoxicated souls). Bhooty was immediately attracted to Baba, and even though Baba and the mandali were climbing a very steep and dangerous pathway, Bhooty followed. As they were climbing they suddenly heard a whimper from the little puppy. She had fallen and was hanging by her two paws! Baba rescued the puppy and told the owner that he liked her very much for her bravery and strength and that he would like to keep her. The owner agreed and Bhooty went home with Baba. Baba named the dog Gol-Gol (round-round), and Kaka, who was in charge of Bhooty, named her Gul (flower). The women mandali called her Bhooty because her paws were white and the rest of her was black and brown so it appeared she was wearing booties. Bhooty turned out to be a very good watchdog for Meherazad and was the mother of Baba's most beloved pet, Mastan.

ChUM was a white dog with brown spots that came to live at Meherabad when only one month old. Baba named him Chum and the name really fit. Chum was trained to be a watchdog. He was very protective of Baba and would often get jealous of any attention Baba gave to others. Baba once gave a cow a piece of bread, and Chum was so jealous that he chased the cow round and round the cabin on Meherabad Hill where Baba was staying in seclusion at the time. Baba was very amused by this.

CHUMMY was a golden Cocker Spaniel that Baba acquired in Hollywood, California. When Baba returned to India he took Chummy along and later put him in Adi's charge.

CRACKER was a black Scottish terrier with the temperament of a firecracker, but also very loving. Although Cracker was Mani's dog, everyone cared for him and Kitty especially loved taking him for walks. When Baba was in Mahabaleshwar, either in seclusion or working with the masts (God-intoxicated souls), Mehera and Mani were always there to see him off. They had to hold Cracker back as he always wanted to follow after Baba.

FOUNDY Elizabeth Patterson first met this big black Water Spaniel at a train station. His behavior was very unusual. He would jump onto each train that pulled into the station, dart in and out of the compartments, only to be carried off the train by assistants. Elizabeth soon learned that he had been owned by a military officer who had given him to a friend when he was transferred. The last goodbye to his master was when the officer left on a train. When Baba heard this story he was very touched and told Elizabeth to keep him and named him "Foundy."

GRACIE was a wirehaired Terrier that Baba gave to Irene Billo.

JINGO & bingo were two dogs who acquired who were eventually brought to live at Meherabad.

kippy was a Boston Terrier belonging to Elizabeth Patterson in America. She took Kippy everywhere and even brought her to India. In Meherabad when Chum was set free, Elizabeth used to have to keep Kippy upstairs away from Chum, who was very jealous. The women mandali called Kippy "the princess in the tower". Kippy accompanied them on the Blue Bus Tours, and when Elizabeth drove the car with Baba, Mehera and all, Kippy would sit alongside Elizabeth.

MASTAN Of all the pets, Baba loved Mastan the most. He was a black Tibetan mastiff who was with Baba the last 12 years of his life. Because Baba was very sick in these last years, the doctors wanted him to eat mutton (lamb) for protein. To the concern of the mandali, instead of eating all the meat, Baba would share it with Mastan who enjoyed it very much. After Baba died, Mastan refused to eat and died soon after. He was all heart and his total devotion to Baba touched the mandali deeply.

PETER was a black Cocker Spaniel given to Mani while Baba and the mandali were staying near the Himalayas in Mussorie. He was very calm and loving. Mani trained Peter to carry a basket in his mouth and each day he'd meet the mailman and carry the mail back to the compound. One time some baby squirrels fell onto the roof and the women mandali nursed them and took care of them. Peter saw them taking care of the squirrels and soon became the surrogate mother of the squirrels. There is a wonderful photograph of these squirrels climbing on Peter. He was very protective of them and would even sacrifice his walks to look after his babies. Peter and Mastan were inseparable.

SADHU was an all white dog and one of Baba's earliest pets. Baba humorously named Sadhu, since he was all but saintly. He was full of mischief and pretty unmanageable.

SUNNY & BUNNY Margaret Craske was in charge of Sunny & Bunny. Once when she was

supposed to be meditating on Baba and repeating his name, she began repeating the names of Sunny

and Bunny! She couldn't control her laughter to the astonishment of all the others trying to meditate.

TYPHOON was a white wire-haired Terrier. When she first arrived there was a terrible storm at Meherazad so Baba named her Typhoon. She was very intelligent and learned tricks quickly. She could walk on her hind legs and once entertained Baba by being dressed in a skirt and walking upright. She was lucky enough to travel with Baba and the mandali all around India. To give an idea of how much Baba loved his pets and especially his dogs, many of them Baba had buried up on Meherabad Hill right beside his own future tomb and their gravesites can be visited today. Many incarnated in their first human forms Baba said, because they had been blessed by his loving touch.

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Q: What is Meher Baba's pooch's name?
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