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The cast of Babas bilar - 2006 includes: Joakim Andersson as Jens Hassan Brijany as Baba Conny Ceder as Nikolaj Per Christian Ellefsen as Norrmannen Rogelio de Badajoz as Arturo Heyes Jemide as Mannen utan huvud Hannu Kiviaho as Pasi Kukka Laura Malmivaara as Elena Sylvia Rauan as Norsk poliskvinna Sara Sommerfeld as Anso Georgi Staykov as Ivan Kent Sturk as Man med mobiler Andreas Wilson as Jojo

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The cast of Baba - 2006 includes: Stacey Armstrong as Dancer Cassidy DeFreitas as Dancer Alana Elmer as Dancer Paulo Farinha as Dancer Patrizia Gianforcaro as Dancer Jazzmin James as Dancer Charles Ledjebgue as Singer Service Ledjebgue as Singer Chad McFadden as Dancer Devon Perri as Dancer Taroum Rimtobaye as Singer Israel Rimtobaye as Singer Mossbass Rimtobaye as Singer Caleb Rimtobaye as Singer Mike Tracz as Dancer Matt Waldie as Dancer

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Babas bilar - 2006?
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