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Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. (Lil Wayne) was born to Jocita Carter(aka Cita). She gave birth to him at the age of 19 and had just graduated high school, and had gotten out of an abusive relationship with Weezy's biological father, Dwayne Michael Turner, who soon after the birth, abandoned the family. The two were never married, which is why Lil Wayne carried on his mother's maiden name.

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Lil Wayne's Father is Dwayne Michael Carter Sr. and his mothers name is Jucida. Her last name is either Carter or McDonald, because she remarried, but her second husband was killed. He was born in the New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Q: What is Lil Wayne dad and mom name and where was Lil Wayne born?
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Why does Birdman have a different last name than Lil Wayne?

Birdman is not Lil Wayne's biological dad. He is like a father to him. Lil Wayne has his real dad's name Dwayne Michael Carter

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Who is lil chuckees dad?

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Who is Lil Wayne's dad and mom?

Lil Wayne's Father is Dwayne Michael Carter Sr. and his mothers name is Jucida.

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Who is lil' Wayne' s father?

his real dad was Reginald carter. his mom was Cynthia carter. his parents died, and then birdman adopted him Dwayne Michael carter is his biological dad ( lil Wayne has the same name as his dad)

Is Lil Wayne tupacs son?

No Bird Man nor Tupac is Lil Waynes father he calls him daddy because bird man was like a father to him

Who is Lil Waynes real dad?

lil waynes real dad is birdman the rapper

What is Lil Wayne's Name?

um Nope His Name Is DWAYNE MICHAEL CARTER JR. That's why he calls himself (Lil) Wayne LOL No he just put Wayne because he don't have a dad that why he put lil Wayne instead of lil Dwayne

Did lil Wayne change his name?

Because his Father, Dwayne Carter, named Lil' Wayne Dwayne Carter jr. So he took Lil' from Jr. and Wayne instead of Dwayne because, in an interview he said his father wasn't there much for him and he didn't want to carry on his fathers name and be known as someone who isn't there for his children. because his real name is Dwayne carter. take Dwayne and remove the d. he made it lil Wayne as he is small and he had no intrest in being involved with his dad so he took the d of Dwayne!!