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Lil Wayne does ti started while in the teenage years lil wayne was in this buisness since he was 8 years old and thats when he met birdman and hes been with him for the rest of his life lil waynes real dad mr.carter gave up on him im mean you get it lil waynes real name was dwayne take the d off wayne he started young lil wayne.

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Q: Who has more albums ti or Lil Wayne?
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Who sold the most albums ti or lil Wayne?

Lil wayne

Is ti richer than lil Wayne?

Yes because Lil Wayne sells more albums and does allot more than TI. remember tip was in and out of jail Lil Wayne is worth about 100,000,000

Does ti have more money than Lil Wayne?


Is Lil Wayne worth more than ti?


Who has sold the most albums in their career Lil Wayne or ti?

solo albums both they sold the same : 6 million each..but Wayne has 2 collaborations albums(both went gold) but interms of singles t.i. sold a lot more

Do lil Wayne have more money thin ti?

Yes. lil Wayne has way more money than T.I

Is it true ti and Lil Wayne are beefing?

no lil Wayne and T.I are not beefing.

Who will come out with the best tracks lil Wayne or ti?

Lil Wayne<'33

Who is worth more lil Wayne or ti?

Lil Wayne is worth considerably more than T. I. T. I. 's net worth is estimated to be $50 million, while Lil Wayne is reportedly worth $135 million.

Who got the most money ti or Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne. (: T.I. is horriblee

Does Lil Wayne earn more money than TI?

Roughly the same

Who is sexier Lil Wayne Ti or 50 cent?