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She first says," this is the manefesto of mother monster. On GOAT, government owned territory in space, a birth of magnificent and magical porportions took place. But the birth was not finiate it was infiniate. As the wombs numbered and the mytosis of the future began it was percieved that this infamous moment in life is not temperal it is eternal. And thus began the beginning of the new race a racewithin the race of humanity a race which bears no prejudice no judgment but boundless freedom. But on that same day as the eternal mother hovered in the multiverse another more terrifying birth took place the birth of evil. And as she herself split into two rotating in agony between two ultimate forces the pendulum of choice began it's dance. It seems easy you imagine togevitie instantly and unwaveringly towards good. But she wondered how can I protect something so perfect without evil.

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Lady Gaga's catchphrase is Cherry-Cherry Boom-Boom

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Q: What is Lady Gaga's catchphrase?
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