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A Stag like Harry's.

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Q: What is James Potter's patronus?
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What is potronus in Harry Potter?

Harry Potters potronus is a Stag.Answer: nothing. For Patronus see the attached link.

What is significance of snapes and lily potters doe?

In the world of Harry Potter, your patronus can change to the patronus of someone that you fall in love with. Snape was in love with Lily Potter, this is significant because it shows how much he loved her.

What inspired the form of harry's Patronus?

Harry's father, James, did. James was an animagus and transformed into a stag. So Harrys Patronus Charm is a stag, so it was based off his fathers animagus from.

Is Harry potters father snaps or James?

It's James. James Potter.

What is Prong's patronus in Harry Potter?

Harry Potter's father, James, was an Animagus: he could turn into a stag. Harry Potter's patronus was therefore a stag. "Prongs" was James Potter's nickname when he was at school, on account of his antlers as a stag. James Potter is now dead, but   A patronus is something made of happiness which could ward off Dementors (the guards at Azkaban, the wizard prison). Dementors suck the happiness out of you, so a patronus made of happiness helps. So does chocolate, for some reason. 

What is Sirius Black's patronus?

Dumbledore's patronus was a phoenix. He used his patronus in Goblet of Fire, chapter 28 to send a message.

Was Snape's patronus a doe?

It is a doe because Snape always loved Harry's mother, Lily, and her patronus was a doe. His never changed as he always loved her, as shown in the final book. Lily's patronus is a doe as it is complimentary to James Potter's stag.

What is a snake patronus?

A patronus in snake form.

What is Ernie MacMillan's patronus?

Ernie's patronus was a boar.

What is Cho Cangs patronus?

Her patronus is a swan.

What is Rons patronus?

Ron's patronus is a Jack Russel Terrier

Where is Dumbledores patronus?

WHERE? IF you mean what is his patronus, I think it's a phoenix