What is Harry Potters wand?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Harry Potter's wand is made of holly with a phoenix feather core, specifically the tail feather of Dumledore's Phoenix Fawkes. Fawkes gave one other feather that was in the wand of Lord Voldemort, thus making Harry and Voldemort's wands brother wands. This is important for later plot in Book 4 and Book 7. Harry's wand is 11 inches long.

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Alder wood with a Phoenix feather core, 12 1/4 and slightly springy flexibility

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holly wood phoenix feather eleven inches

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Q: What is Harry Potters wand?
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Where did Harry Potters wand come from?

Harry bought it in Ollivander's wand shop when he was eleven. The wood is holly and the core is phoenix feather.

What is the new strongest wand sense the elder wand was destroyed?

The new strongest wand in the Harry Potters series would be Harrys wand because of his awsome powers :)

What is the heartcore of Harry Potters wand?

The feather of a phoenix called Fawkes (Dumbledore's phoenix).

What colour flew out Harry Potters wand when he first held it?

I think it was red and gold.

What colour were the sparks that flew out of Harry Potters wand the first time he held it?

Red and green (:

Did Harry Potters's wand get stolen in Half-Blood Prince?

No it was broken in Deathly Hallows though.

What lies at the core Harry Potters wand?

Phoenix Feather. Better yet; Fawkes (Dumbledore's Phoenix) feather.

How does Harry Potters wand change?

Harry became owner of the Elder wand because Draco disarmed Dumbledore who was the owner at the time, but when he was confronted and disarmed, Draco became the new owner. And when Harry, Ron and Hermione were escaping from being tortured, Harry disarmed Draco and he became the owner until the end when he destroyed it.

What fether is in Harry Potters wound?

phoenix feather. the phoenix which the feather came from only gave one other feather, which is in the wand that voldemort recieved.

What are Harry potters strenghs?

Well, let's see... he has the power of the elder wand, Dumbledore protects him, he speaks Parseltoungue, has ultimate power over Voldemort, and has the power of love.

What is the strongest Harry Potter wand?

The strongest wand in the Harry Potter series is the Elder Wand.

Which Harry Potter wand is made of phoenix feathers?

Harry Potter's wand and Voldemort's wand