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what is Freddie benson's middle name

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Nathan Kress

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Q: What is Freddie benson full name?
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What is Freddie's last name on iCarly?

His full name is Fredward Benson.

What picture shows Carly and Freddie kiss?

Freddie's full name is Fredward Benson

Freddie's last name of iCarly?

Freddie Benson

What is freddies name real name in icarly?

His full iCarly name is Freddie Benson and his name in real life is Nathan Kress.

What is the name of the boy in iCarly?

If you are talking about the Tech Producer-the one always bullied by Sam... It is Freddy Benson

In iCarly what is Freddy benson's real name?

In ICarly Freddie Benson's real name is Nathan Kress

Are Freddie Benson and Zoe Benson related?

No. Freddie Benson (from iCarly) and Zoe Benson (from American Horror Story) are not related.

What is Freddie's Mom whole name?

on icarly, her whole name is marissa benson

What is Freddies name on Carly?

Freddie Benson's real name is Nathan Kress.

What is the full name of Ashley Benson?

Her full name is Ashley Victoria Benson.

What is Nathan kress character's name in iCarly?

Fredward "Freddie" Benson

In icarly what is Freddie's real first and last name?

fredward benson