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Fredward "Freddie" Benson.

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Q: On iCarly freddies first and last name?
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What is freddies first name from iCarly?

If you mean the actor, it's Nathan. If you mean the person on iCarly, its Fredward.

What is freddies real name off of icarly?

Nathan Kress.

What is freddies whole name off of iCarly?

Fredward Benson

What is freddies name real name in icarly?

His full iCarly name is Freddie Benson and his name in real life is Nathan Kress.

What is freddies real name from iCarly?

Nathan Kress

What is freddies girlfriends name on iCarly?

He once kissed Sam on an episode other than that i dont know

On icarly what is sams real first and last name?

Sam from the TV show "Icarly" first name is Jennette and her last name is McCurdy

What is Freddy door number from iCarly?

well if u read the credits after the show then u would know that freddies real name in icarly is nathan kress

What is the first and last name of Freddy on iCarly?

His real name is Nathan Kress: he plays Fredward Benson in iCarly.

In icarly what is Freddie's real first and last name?

fredward benson

Who is captian wartburger?

captian wartburger is a character of icarly! Well his name is lubert but jonah (freddies friend and sams ex) Said he should ofcourse be called captian wartburger!

What is Gibby's first name on iCarly- His last name is Gibson so what would be his first?

I think it's Kyle lol