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The color of his hair is brown. You can see his natural color in his eyebrows.

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his natural hair color is brown

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Q: What is Eminem natural hair color?
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What is Eminem's natural hair-colour?

Eminem's original hair color is dark brown, the color it is now.

Is Eminem blond?

No. Originally, his hair color was brown - he dyes his hair.

What is Haley williams' natural hair color?

her natural hair color is blonde

When did Eminem die his hair black?

He actually dyed it blond, but never black. He used the blond hair for his Slim Shady character. Albums like The Slim Shady LP or Relapse portrayed this side of him. Eminem switched back to his natural hair color after leaving the "Eminem's on drugs" persona behind with the Recovery album. His hair is a dark brown naturally. It may appear black but is not.

What is Adam Lamberts natural hair color?

Adam Lambert's natural hair color is strawberry blond.

What is wade barrett's natural hair color?

That is his natural hair color, he doesn't dye it.

If you are born with red hair but it turs to brown what is your natural hair color?

Your natural hair color from the get go would be red but if it is now brown by hair dye your hair would still be red. But if you didn't dye it and you still have some of your natural hair color your hair would be auburn.

How can I ensure that I choose the correct hair color to get my hair back to the color that it naturally was?

Engage the services of a skilled hair colorist who can determine your natural hair color and then adjust your current color. As your natural color grows out, the line between the color and your natural hair won't be as noticeable.

What is sirra mc cormick natural hair color?

yes her hair natural color is blonde

What is Erin Andrews' natural hair color?

Erin Andrews natural hair color is blond.

What color eyes do Eminem have?

Eminem's hair color is dark brown right now. He died his hair blonde when he was little. Now he just switches every so often.

What color is Katy perrys natural hair color?

Katy Perry's natural hair color is blonde then dyed after