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it is light brown

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Copper brown

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Q: What color is Robert Pattinson natural hair?
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What color in hair does Robert Pattinson like?


Does Robert Pattinson style his hair?

he prefers not to have to

What is wrong with Robert Pattinson's hair?

nothing :P

How can I make my hair like Robert Pattinson's if my hair is curly?

Use hair gel!

In the movie Twilight when Edward or Robert Pattinson first reveals his skin he looks like ANOTHER actor with shaggy brown hair and squinty eyes WHO is it?

It is actually Robert Pattinson Not Robert Pattinson.....Robert Pattinson LOOKS like ANOTHER actor in this shot!!! Who is it???

Does Robert Pattinson like blonde hair or brown?


Did Robert Pattinson cut his hair?

Yes, It is on

What color is Rob pattinson's hair?

golden brown

What is Eminem natural hair color?

The color of his hair is brown. You can see his natural color in his eyebrows.

When did Robert Pattinson cut his hair?

around December 21-22

What is Robert Pattinson's real hair colour?

Reddish-Brown.dark brown

Who is better looking Ryeowook or Robert Pattinson?

To me ryeowook is better looking. As Robert pattinson only looks good with his messy hair. But ryeowook is cute and handsome:)