What is El Deguello?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is a chant the Mexicans sang while in the army

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Q: What is El Deguello?
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Deguello is the traditional March of no?

The Deguello is the traditional march of no quarter. Hope this helped!;)

What does deguello mean?

Deguello means throat cutting, slit throat, or beheading. Anything in that nature.

You have been trying to find a picture of the Deguello Flag used at the Alamo?


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EL deguello in All movies about the alamo i dont want to see a single man left alive all i want are flames The Thirteen Days to glory 1987 do i make myself clear. Crockett to Santa Anna I am a screamer The Alamo 2004

What did it mean when the Mexican band played the Deguello when the Alamo was seized?

throat cutting :) Better to say in military fashion that "no quarter", no mercy is shown to the enemy.

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