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Due to all the advances in modern technology I am sure they will be combined animation.

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The next 4 Dreamworks movies are Me and My Shadow, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Happy Smekday!, and The Penguins of Madagascar. Me and My Shadow combines CGI and hand drawn animation.

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Q: What is DreamWorks next 4 animated movies and is there one that will combine CGI and Hand drawn?
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Which animated movies were Traditionally Animated or Hand Drawn?

See provided link for a complete list of traditionally animated (hand drawn) movies.

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Which animated movies were Traditionally Animated or Hand Drawn?

See provided link for a complete list of traditionally animated (hand drawn) movies.

Is DreamWorks going back to hand drawn animation?

Yes, according to the recent reports, Dreamworks is going back to hand drawn animation.

Will DreamWorks be doing a movie that combines hand drawn and CGI animation?

DreamWorks is currently working on a movie that combines hand drawn and CGI animation called "Me and My Shadow". It is scheduled for release in 2014.

Is it possible to show a drawn animated movie in 3D?

This depends if it is an animated movie, which has been been drawn and animated on a computer, then yes.But if it has been drawn as 2D as a flat image, from a downwards angle, then no.If it has been drawn from an angle then it is slightly possible.

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King of the Elves. It's unknown at this time if it's going to be computer animated or hand-drawn.

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by computer

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An animated cartoon is one of several types of movie in which the frames are drawn by hand in order to give a sense of movement when projected in sequence.

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What will be the future of hand drawn cartoons with the growing influence of animations?

The day of a cartoon or animated feature that is drawn upon individual cels will , because of CGI , diminish but the need for sketches and story boards will probably always be around .