What is Bella Swans values?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1. Anyone who is less than perfect-looking isn't worth bothering with.

2. It doesn't matter if your boyfriend is an emotionally-manipulative, bossy creeper as long as he has the face of an angel and the body of Adonis.

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Q: What is Bella Swans values?
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Who plays Bella Swans grandma?

Bella's grandmother/old Bella is played by Christina Jastrzemska

What Was Bella Swans Gran Called?


What was the name of Bella Swans grandmother?

Grandma Marie. Bella called her Gran.

Who is Bella Swans husband?

Edawrd Cullen is Bella's husband. -Edward Cullen

In twilight what is Bella's grandmother called?

In Twilight, Bella Swans Grandmother is called Gran.

What is Bella Swans type of phobia?

Bella is hemophobic, or has a fear of blood.

What is Bella Swans nationality?

Bella Swan was born in Forks but her mother took her to Arizona when she divorced Bella's dad

Who is Bella Swans favourite celebrity?

judi goldburg

What day in September is Bella Swans birthday?

The Thirteenth.

What colour is Bella Swans house in twilight?


What is is Bella Swans fathers name?

Charlie Swan

What is Bella Swans name in reality?

Kirsten Stewart