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Government is Bella Swan's second class at Forks High School in "Twilight."

The teacher has the last name of Jefferson. The class is located in maroon-colored brick building 6. The building is between the cafeteria and the gym.

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Q: What is Bella Swan's second class on her first day at school in 'Twilight'?
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Who is Isabella swans boyfriend?

its Edward Cullen the vampire in Twilight though she's confused whom to choose in eclipse between Edward or Jacob Black,her family friend

What is Bella Swans favorite color?

Bella told Edward that her favorite color changed because of her mood. In the scene in the book, she told Edward it was brown because she felt warm on that day.

What grades does Bella Swan get?

I don't know! think of this the cullens&hales are all straight A's! right?&Bella's theire friend all the time. so edward helps Bella right? so probally straight A's like the Cullens&Hales, right? ask what is Bella swans grades?

What is Bella Swans values?

1. Anyone who is less than perfect-looking isn't worth bothering with. 2. It doesn't matter if your boyfriend is an emotionally-manipulative, bossy creeper as long as he has the face of an angel and the body of Adonis.

Where do Bella Jessica and Angela go out?

In The Book New Moon Bella and Jessica go out to see a movie called Dead End. During this part Bella gets up and gets a dring then some popcorn and she hardly saw the movie...Then Bella and Jessica go to eat dinner but on their way there Bella spots some guys and she thinks she knows one of them. Bella walks slowly to where the guys are and she looks at a sign on the building and she was heading for a bar and when she is crossing the street Jessica is telling her to come back but Bella does not listen to her. Jessica has been telling Bella to come back when she heard a voice...but its not Jessica's voice its a voice she HAS heard before. Its a voice like no other its a musical voice...Its Edward's Voice!!!!! He is telling her to turn around and go back to Jessica but Bella just keeps walking and she found out how to talk to the voice in her head...she has to think what she is saying to talk to this voice. The voice keeps telling her to go back and she says no and Jessica tells her to go back and she keeps walking till she gets close to the man she has been staring at and says nothing. The man said hi and if he can buy her a drink. Bella just said no and walked a way!!!!!This what I have read from the best book in my experience of reading and I really loved it. That is what i really liked 'bout the book... Hoped u like what i wrote and thx for reading !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYEEEEE PEOPLE WHO READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! urs trulyPromise Ponce!!!!

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In twilight what is Bella's grandmother called?

In Twilight, Bella Swans Grandmother is called Gran.

What colour is Bella Swans house in twilight?


When Bella Swans birthday in twilight?

Sept 13th I guess

What color is Bella Swans house in twilight?

All the colors

How do you spell the twilight Bella Swans real name?

Kristen Stewarthope this helps (:

What is Phils real name that is Bella Swans step dad in twilight?


What is the name of Bella Swans school?

Forks high School i Believe

What is Bella Swans grades?

ok i guess that didnt work! try this question. in twilight the cullens and hales all get straight A's what grades does Bella swan get in the movie twilight?

What is Bella Swans full name in twilight?

Full name: Isabella Marie Swan Cullen(Cullen Addded:Breaking Dawn)

When is Bella Swans birthday in twillight?

Her birthday is September 13th, but she does not have a birthday featured in Twilight. She only has a birthday in New Moon.

What is Bella Swans middle name in twilight?

Bella Swan's middle name in the Twilight saga is Marie.

What is Bella Swans favorite book?

Bella Swan's favorite book in the Twilight series is Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë.