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Q: What is Alan Rickman's favorite smell of lotion?
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Is Alan rickmans phone 011-44-171-636-6565?

I thought it was 555-01-22... But you can try calling it to see if it works, anyway...

What is Alan Rickman's favorite smell?

Alan Rickman has stated in an interview that his favourite smell is jasmine. This does not mean that you should go up to him or lure him somewhere with jasmine flowers or jasmine scent. That would be terrible for Mr. Rickman if anyone did that, though that is Alan's favourite scent...Jasmine. Jasmine smells wonderul to be honest too, so he's got a great sense of smell.

Alan rickman favorite food?

Alan Rickman has a simple favorite food. His favorite is French fries, an all-American food that goes good with anything

What is Alan Jackson's favorite whiskey?

Jack Daniels

What was President Chester Alan Arthur favorite food?

Chester Alan Arthur enjoyed mutton chops.

Why is the baby in the hangover named Carlos?

it was Alan's favorite name and Alan thought he looked like a carlos

What was Alan shearer's favorite football club that he has played for?


What is the favorite song of Alan Rickman?

Take it with me by:Tom wait

What was Chester Alan Arthur's favorite color?

His hair was brown.

Why is Alan Rickmans voice so deep?

When you look at him, mostly in his 'Never Gonna Give You Up' Video he looks like a 12 year old kid with a man's voice. I know he wasn't 12 but some people's genetics make them that way. Take me for example, I'm 15 and can sing deeper than him.

What is Alan newmans favorite comeback?

You make me sick sitting on the sofa like that !!!

What is Chester Alan Arthur's favorite Sport?

Fishing Info found on: