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Instruments used (using my ears):

- Percussion

- Electric Guitar

- Bass Guitar

- Pipe organs

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Q: What instruments are in the song message in a bottle?
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When was Message in a Bottle - song - created?

Message in a Bottle - song - was created in 1979-09.

In which year was the song 'Message in a Bottle' by The Police released?

The song 'Message in a Bottle' by The Police was released in the year nineteen seventy-nine in The Police's second album, and the song was debuted on live TV.

Which pop group had the song 'Message in a Bottle'?

The Police

What was the message in message in a bottle?

The Production Budget for Message in a Bottle was $30,000,000.

When was The Message in the Bottle created?

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A possibility:"Sending out an SOS" is a repeating line in the Police song "Message In A Bottle."

When was Message in a Bottle released?

Message in a Bottle was released on 02/12/1999.

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