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Q: What are the instruments or voices heard in a song called?
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What are the instruments in the song You Da One by Rihanna?

There are very few instruments in the song from Rhiana called You Da One. Most of the instruments heard are made by a synthisizer and aren't real instruments. What can be heard, however, is a basic drum beat.

Who singsthe country song I heard voices?

Voices by Chris Young.

What is a Musical composition for voices and instruments based on a religious theme?


Randy Orton theme song?

Voices by Rev Theory

What instruments are heard in the song Billie's Blues?


What is the name of randy orton theme song?

Randy's theme song is called "Voices".

What are the instruments used in the song a little less conversation?

The main instruments used in the song A Little Less Conversation are the guitar, drums, piano and of course, voices. There are also other small instruments used in the backround.

What is the voices in the air song really called?

it is called invincible

Randy ortons entrance is called?

the song is called voices

Who sings the song called voices?

Rev Theory.

What instruments are in the song Glad You Came?

The instruments used are basically the piano, and a computer with software that allows you to create beats, extra voices, repeated lines or words, etc.

What is the medieval part of a song for unaccompanied voices called?