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They use a very wide variety of instruments. Marcus primarily plays the acoustic guitar, bass drum, and tambourine with his feet using kick pedals, but I've also seen him play a full drumset and I've seen him play piano, mandolin and resonator guitar. Ben primarily plays piano or keyboard and the accordian, as well as small percussion like shakers. Winston generally plays banjo and resonator guitar, ocassionally the electric bass, and on very rare occasions, the wonderful instrument that is the banjolin (mandolin/banjo combination). Ted plays the upright bass and electric bass and drums for a few tracks, such as Thistle and Weeds. All four members sing. They also have a few people come in on horns and violins for songs like White Blank Page and Winter Winds. They are all very well rounded musicians.

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I know that an electric banjo is definitely used. Also there is an acoustic guitar, Bass Guitar, piano, a Trumpet (towards the end of the song) vocals and backing vocals.

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Trumpet,Violin,Guitar,Electric Guitar,Drums,Chello and foot cheese.

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Q: What instruments are in the cave by mumford and sons?
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